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With special thanks to:

Andrew, AC7CF for ORSSerial Tools
Dominik, DL6ER for German DOKs and US-Staates lists (optionally used for dx-cluster and contest cheat database)
Christian, DL7AG for the App Icon
Michael, G7VJR for used Club Log databases
Chen, W7AY for Audio Library
Alfonso, EA5IUN or Spanish translation
David, CT1DRB for Portuguese Translation
Rafal, EI6LA for corrections of the English documentation


Last changes: 3-December-2023, RUMlog version: 5.15

First Steps

ADIF Import

Log Export Functions

The Logging Window

iCloud Synced Logbook

Audio Functions

Telnet DX-Cluster

Miscellaneous Windows

Transceiver Control

Transverter Operation

K1EL WinKeyer

microHAM Devices

Online Functions and Internet Datenbases

Functions in the local network

WSJT-X/JTDX/JS8Call and RUMlog

Save and view multi media data

DXCC and IOTA Credits

Paper QSL and address labels

Logbook of The World

eQSL,,, Club Log data and Maps

Netatmo weather station

Contest und DX-Pedition