Functions in the local network

RUMlog can communicate with third party applications or other RUMlog instances in the local network. Information are broadcasted whenever a QSO is logged or changed, a dx-spot arrives or the trx frequency changes.
Zwo different, not compatible protocols are supported:

For the data exchange between multiple RUMlog applications, the N1MM protocol will be used.

A practical example is an application to control the Elecraft tuner KAT500. This program gets the frequency information over the network and can set the tuner to stored settings. This is useful for none-Elecraft transceivers.

Preferences Network




For the Fldigi protocol, you can just change the broadcast address. The default value is You should change this, because routers don’t forward broadcasts using this address. The port is fixed to 9932.

In the Fldigi preferences you can select the desired functions: Preferences–>UI–>MacLogger

RUMlog, N1MM and TR4W

For different function you can set different host addresses and ports. Third party applications must be configured accordingly. Set the options to select the functions:


RUMlog instances in the network

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