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Most of the microHAM devices have a WinKey chip included. All these functions are similar to the K1EL WinKeyer. If you want to use the WinKeyer in a microHAM device, select microHAM as CW interface in Preferences–>CW.
There is a Arduino software emulation available, which works fine with RUMlog. The CW keyer from ZLP-Electronics is also kompatible. There are some minor differences in the emulations, so you can select your WInkey type:

The settings on the right hand side of the window will be shared with:

Do not select a port, when you want to use a microHAM. Instead select the port in Preferences–>microHAM. See the WinKey documentation for use of the options.

The Winkey chip version 1 and 2/3 use different hardware and there are differences in the configuration. The seen settings are applicable for version 2/3 chips. For version 1 read following:

image_0074 For CW output via the keyboard, use the CW window: Menu–>Window–>CW. If you have set the option Paddle Echo Back, your given text will be printed in black characters.
The memories in the WinKey chip are not supported. Therefore you can use the 5 RUMlog software memories via Menu–>CW or the F-keys.

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