CW Keyer and CW Memories in Transceiver

This section describes the CW functionality provided by the transceiver. Only some transceivers include a CW keyer that can be controlled via the CAT protocol. Some transceivers may have a CW memory keyer.

Edit Internal CW Memories

image_0041 To edit the memories use: Menu–>Transceiver–>Edit CW memories. This menu item is active only if the selected transceiver supports it. This feature can be used independently of the CW interface setting and it works over the CAT interface. You can read all the memories from the transceiver at once, and save them back one by one.

TRX CW Memory Playback

To play back a memory, you have to select Transceiver as the CW interface in Preferences–>CW. The transceiver’s internal memories will be used only when there is no usable internal CW keyer. To start the playback use Menu–>CW or press the according F-key. Press Escape to abort. Please note that ICOM radios do not allow CW memory playback to be started using software.

Use of the TRX internal CW Keyer

image_0042 To use the internal keyer, you have to select Transceiver as CW interface in Preferences–>CW. This will allow you to use the RUMlog ‘software’ memories. Go to Preferences–>CW–>Software CW memories to edit them. The CW speed is adjustable via Menu–>CW by 2 wpm up or down.

Please note, that these memories do not work when you are using the Contest Window because contests have separate memories that must be configured using Menu–>Contest Preferences.

To use the keyboard for CW, open the CW Tools window: Menu–>Window–>CW Tools. When the window has the focus, all entered text will be sentt to the CW keyer. If the option Type ahead is selected, you have to press Space bar or Enter to start CW.

There is an option to print the decoded text (blue) from K3 or KX3 CW or RTTY decoders.

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