CAT Settings



Please note, the settings will become active after closing the preferences window. When there is a problem with the CAT connection try: Menu–>Transceiver–>Reset CAT


For the IC-7300, IC-7610, K3 and KX2/3 are 2 options provided. If you want to use the advanced features from a separate trx control window, use the -Ctrl setting.

Transceiver Specific

Here you can find miscellaneous options, pending on your trx model. Mostly you can set your preferred operation mode for digital modes and the poll intervall where required.


Address and port for control over the network

CAT: Serial Interface

Select the name of your interface and set the flow control options matching your trx settings. These options will be used for the microHAM devices as well, except the interface name.
The flow control lines can be set to High to power up CAT interfaces.


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