Transceiver Control

External applications can control your transceivers via RUMlog using a built-in DXLab Suite Commander server. RUMlog can also be connected as a client to flrig.

The list of supported transceivers is quite short right now. If you are able to help out with other models, please contact me.
RUMlog can control most of the available transceivers using Flrig! Depending on the model, you have the following options:

In most cases VFO A is controlled. There are further, advanced features provided for the IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-9700, Elecraft K3, KX2 and KX3.

Transceiver –> RUMlog

image_0039 If the option Follow TRX is on, the current frequency and the operating mode will show in the logging fields. Turn it off to manually override the mode or frequency. This may be useful for digital modes. The frequency value is also used by the band map: Menu–>Window–>Band Map

RUMlog –> Transceiver

You can change the tuned frequency of the transceiver in several ways:

The operating mode is not read from the radio. The mode shown by RUMlog always follows the frequency edges that were defined in Preferences–>QRGs!

Use of Two Transceivers

When you have configured two transceivers in the preferences, the controls will become visible when you widen the logging window. Here you can select the transceiver to use. The active transceiver is indicated by a green dot. If you activate the option Auto toggle it will switch the active transceiver whenever frequency changes.

Following restrictions apply:

Reading and writing CW memories within the transceiver and the use of an internal CW keyer applies to the active transceiver only, if applicable.

Multiple Configuration Settings

If you are changing your station setup frequently, you can store and recall multiple transceiver settings for transceiver #1 and #2. See Menu–>Transceiver–>Save/Load TTRX setup. Please note, changes will affect the current settings only You have to save them again for a later use.


CAT Settings

CW Keyer and CW Memories in Transceiver

K4 Control Window

K3/KX2/KX3 Control Panel

Expanded Control Panels (IC-705, 7300, 7610, 9700)

IC-7300 Control Panel

IC-7610 Control Panel

IC-9700 Control

Icom Remote Encoder RC-28

PTT Switching Options

Transverter Operation


Icom Server

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