Netatmo weather station


The popular weather station Netatmo can be integrated into RUMlog. Their data are used to display the weather in a window and to be passed on to an IC-705 or IC-9700 transceiver.
RUMlog must first be authorized on the Netatmo website before weather data can be loaded. This authorization can be revoked at any time. When you first open the Netatmo window (Menu–>Window–>Netatmo), the corresponding page is opened in the web browser. Here you have to agree and then the web browser has to be allowed to communicate this to RUMlog. This procedure must be repeated if permission has been revoked in the meantime.
To send data to the transceiver, the IC-705 or IC-9700 control window must be used. In this, the corresponding interface must be selected and the function set to Weather. The IC-705 uses the USB B port and the IC-9700 uses the Data port. Additional settings may be necessary on the trx, see manual.
Weather data is only loaded if the Netatmo window is open. It may be hidden or minimized.