Contest und DX-Pedition



A separate window is provided for the contest and dx-ped operation. Most of your existing settings are applicable for the contest as well, but few settings are independent:

All contest specific contest functions will be found in the Menu–>Contest menu. Few always existing menu items will be used in the contest as well in a similar manner:

CW, RTTY and Phone memories can be played back using the F1 - F8 function keys. Please note, the menu items for all modes are located in the CW menu.

For each contest/dx-ped a new separate contest file will be created. These are not compatible with a RUMlog logbook file! A contest log can be imported into a logbook file directly, without the use of ADIF.

HamQTH/ Panel

The function is very similar to the main logging window. Following functions are not available:

Contest Cheat Database

You can use a help database for DL, W und VE stations. German DOKs, US States and Canadian Provinces for more than 800.000 stations are included. Due to the large data file, you have to load it separately: Menu–>Online–>Load Contest Cheat Database
To use this database you have check the option in the contest preferences under the General tab.
When applicable, a suggested control number will be presented after entering the callsign.

Thanks to Dominik, DL6ER for providing the data.

Includes also possible control numbers for:


Before the Contest

In the Contest

Support in the Contest

After the Contest

RTTY operation

Worked All Europe DX Contest

Contest Scoreboards

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