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With special thanks to:

Andrew, AC7CF for ORSSerial Tools
Dominik, DL6ER for German DOKs and US-Staates lists (optionally used for dx-cluster and contest cheat database)
Christian, DL7AG for the App Icon
Michael, G7VJR for used Club Log databases
Chen, W7AY for Audio Library


Last changes: 14-March-2018, RUMlog version: 3.11

First steps

ADIF Import

Log Export Functions

The Logging Window

Audio Functions

Telnet DX-Cluster

Miscellaneous Windows

Transceiver Control

K1EL WinKeyer

microHAM Devices

Online Functions and Internet Datenbases

Functions in the local network

WSJT-X and RUMlog

Save and view multi media data

DXCC and IOTA Credits

Paper QSL and address labels

Logbook of The World

eQSL,, Club Log data and Maps

Contest und DX-Pedition