Log Export Functions

QSOs can be exported using ADIF from the main logging window or from the search windows selecting: Menu–>Logbook If you have marked QSOs in the table, these QSOS will be exported only!

RUMlog can write ADIF files in the adi or adx format.

From these windows you can export selected QSOs in the specific SOTA format: Menu–>Logbook–>Export selected QSOs for SOTA If you use logging user fields for SOTA_REF or MY_SOTA_REF, these values will be used. When you don’t have a field for MY_SOTA_REF defined, you will be asked for the activated reference number. This one will be used for all QSOs to export.


From the QSO search window, you can export QSOs in the CSV format. When QSOs are marked in the table, only these QSOs will be exported.