RUMlogNG version 3.11.1

RUMlog, the Next Generation. Completely rewritten.
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RUMlogNG version 3.11.1

Unread post by DL2RUM » Sun 18. Mar 2018, 16:42

RUMlogNG 3.11.1 is available here:

Available in the App Store soon:

RUMlog 3.7 and newer requires macOS 10.11 (El Capitan)

English manual:
German manual:

What's new?
  • Fixed: "Hide non worked entities" option in the dxcc list works correct again - Tnx Bob, AA6OC
  • Fixed: Minor bug concerning multipliers for OK-QP and WI-QP - Tnx Mark, NX1K
  • Fixed: Independent Cities in Virginia added to the County list - Tnx Bob, AA6OC
  • New: Support for Dymo Labelwriter format 89mm x 41mm
  • New: ADIF *SIG* and *SIG_INFO* tags for user fields added
  • New: List of Satellites updated
  • New: Text colour for *New ones* below the *DXCC Status Box* are free selectable: *Preferences-->DX-Alarm-->Select Colours*
  • New: Spanish transloation - Tnx Alfonso, EA5725URE
  • New: IC-7610 control panel
  • New: IC-7610: Auto discovery of the used USB port
73 and best dx de Tom, DL2RUM

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