Station Info Box

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Different error and status information will be written just above the box.
The information in the box is similar to the DXCC Info Box. A magenta written callsign indicates an invalid operation. Accurate sunset and sunrise times and bearing and distance information are available only, when the correct location is given in the Locator field.
To indicate a Clun Log LoTW or eQSL AG member, you have to load the user lists first in: Menu–>Online.
A mouse click into the box brings up all QSOs with this station in the logbook table.

The box shows OQRS if the station offers a OQRS in Club Log. Is there just an online log available, the box shows CL.

The local time of the dx station can be shown between the DXCC- and Station Info Box. If the exact position is known (, or the time readout is written in blue. If not, the default DXCC position will be used and the time text color is brown.
An internet connection is always required for this service.

The Station Info Box is used for dropping files you want to save with in your logbook database file.

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