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Questions - Requests

Unread post by Aa5sh » Thu 22. May 2014, 03:06

I have a couple of things I would like to either ask/or suggest (just for information I am using a Elecraft K3):
- Sometimes I have problems selecting either PSK/RTTY. Like it gets hung on PSK31 and I switch the mode drop down to RTTY and it switches back to PSK31. I am using on RTTY K3 TX and CoccoaModem TX. To correct I close the K3 Window and let it reopen the it works fine.
- Digi Window - Be nice to have a Macro to clear the RX and/or TX text areas. I like after a Macro to clean the TX window and after contact clear the RX area. Also I notice at times it seems to hang when I click on a Macro so I click it again then it sends it twice
- DX Cluster - Possible to filter out Split frequencies from the Comment then have it set the K3 appropriately when a spot is clicked?
- I have DX Spot filters set upon logon but one thing I have problems with is I would like to filter spots from certain stations/spotters
- DXCC Update K7PT. I have it set to auto update when I really like. But I would like the message box to be changed to a line item like the club log upload or something If I am away from my computer when it updates I click ok then it run a hundred spots through the window. Same goes for when the Transciever disconnects that message box does the same thing. I leave RumLog running 24/7 so I can sit down whenever to view what spots are out there that I need.

Thanks so much Tom I really like your program. Best out there bar none. My son just got his license so I am rebuilding him a MacBookPro to run RumLog along with RumLog2Go on his iPad.


Michael, AA5SH