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Required Files

Posted: Thu 23. Mar 2017, 18:52
by Doug_M
I've just installed RUMped and as per the instructions I simply moved its folder to the Applications folder. So the DXCC.rsd file and CallMaster.rsd file are there in the same folder as But when I start RUMped I get:

'CallMaster.rsd' not found!


Can't open DXCC Data File!

The app then launches after that. This happens every time I run it, not just the first time. File permissions on those files is read/write for the owner and read for group and other.

On a similar note, when I run MakeMasterDat in its folder (with the TXT source files there too) I get zero calls read.

This is RUMped version 3.2.13 running on macOS Sierra (10.12.3).

Re: Required Files

Posted: Thu 23. Mar 2017, 19:15
Seems to be a problem with the Gate Keeper.
Why do you don't like to upgrade to RUMlogNG?

Re: Required Files

Posted: Thu 23. Mar 2017, 19:19
by Doug_M
What is the Gate Keeper, Tom?

It was RUMped's support of my "ancient" PK232 that got me curious to give it a try. I was googling for Mac apps that supported it rather than logging apps in particular.