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Contest Definition Files, Contest Maker

Posted: Tue 9. Sep 2008, 10:24
by N8NOE
Hello All,
Starting this thread to post Contest Definition Files for use in RUMped.
Maybe we all put a little work in to making the files for the particular Contest we enjoy and share them around for others to use,
and make there way into RUMped. Myself, I have just found that Tom (DL2RUM) has added the Contest Maker and thought a bit,
Wow "What a GREAT IDEA". I started to look at it yesterday, and made a Definition File for the Russian RTTY contest we just got
done with this past weekend. Now this would be a year early, or a year late to post but if we start on getting these put together
Tom may find a way to have them all listed in the Plug-ins folder? I'd encourage everyone to look at the Contest maker in the beta
Version and do some playing. Test your Definitions out as to be sure it's working out, and let everyone give it a try. Tom has put a
Lot of work into his software and maybe this is the time to jump in and help him out with the massive amount of Contests, NOBODY
could figure all of them out, We can help..

Re: Contest Definition Files, Contest Maker

Posted: Tue 9. Sep 2008, 20:34
by N8NOE
CQ-WW RTTY Contest:

OK, here are the rules, and this is my first Attempt at this?..
I'm CLOSE, But the idea is to have Everyone Participate to get them Right.
Then Were all a bit better off..
( I'll try to load it here also, Thanks Tom!)

Bad News

Posted: Thu 11. Sep 2008, 12:13
The WWDX RTTY is real terrible for me. RUMped is not able to handle more than 2 Multipliers (yet), but three are required: DXCCs, States/Areas and cq zones. Are any more contests out there with 3 multis?
The contest is coming soon and I've found a compromise: Zones in VE/W will not be counted as multi! Since there are much more states and provinces, it's not a big problem. To correct your final score you have to add the zones manually. The point- and multi calculations are not sent via the Cabrillo file; only the final score - These are the good News.

Download the complete package with included WWDX RTTY plist file here:

Please test it out carefully, before the contest starts! It's still in an early Beta stage, and it is very complex!

Chen, W7AY has updated cocoaModem, the Lite Interface is working correct again. Thanks once more to Chen for supporting the Lite interface just for RUMped.

CIS DX RTTY contest added

Posted: Fri 19. Sep 2008, 18:00
Changes in RUMped and ContestMaker were required to adapt the contest rules.
Download the full package here:

Here the latest plug in (1.0.1), with the CIS Multi list included:
CIS DX RTTY dx side.plist
(28.77 KiB) Downloaded 490 times

Texas QSO Party..

Posted: Wed 24. Sep 2008, 09:26
by N8NOE
This is coming this weekend, so I got this.
It Has All the Texas Counties, but check it out first!..

What's the next Contest to deal with?..

Posted: Tue 30. Sep 2008, 19:05
by N8NOE
OK, we all got CQ-WW-RTTY done and saved for the next time, What is the Next
one to think of?. I'm not sure what's coming up.


Posted: Fri 17. Oct 2008, 11:01
by N8NOE
I Need to work on this today, I forgot about the contest.. I'll Post what I come up with.. :o :o :o

Re: Contest Definition Files, Contest Maker

Posted: Fri 17. Oct 2008, 11:15
Call areas as multipliers are not supported yet. I have it still on my To Do list. For this weekend I will get it not ready, I'm to busy with other things.

WAE DX Contest..

Posted: Wed 22. Oct 2008, 09:38
by N8NOE
Looks Like this one is coming up next: WAE DX Contest RTTY..
I See in the RUMped Version WAEDC so I figure this is it and were good on this one..
Tom, You sure did a lot of work on all this just Lately and for One I'd like to say THANKS!..
Been using it in the last few Contests and it's been a real Treat to use, Even when MY scoring is a "Bit Off"..
I Found the Rules Here:
So I think I'll scan for a Later Contest to look at. Soon, Most All the bases will be covered and Plugins setup
for most all the contests.

Re: Contest Definition Files, Contest Maker

Posted: Wed 22. Oct 2008, 09:45
The WAE RTTY is (nativ) included in RUMped. Actually I have not run a WAE contest and the rules I implemented are from a couple of years ago. I will check later today for any changes.
Otherwise, the QTC traffic is featured. The only inconvenient is, you have to enter the QTCs manually, or using drag and drop.
A "Dry" run is strongly recommended for this crazy contest.