RUMped 1.2.9

Contesting and dx-peditioning with the Mac
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RUMped 1.2.9

Unread post by DL2RUM » Thu 29. May 2008, 10:37

Longer CW Macros
CW macros can now be longer than 24 (K2) or 32 (WinKeyer) characters. In earlier versions it was possible to enter longer texts, but this text was truncated in the keyer.

Cabrillo Format Failure Fixed
In the Cabrillo export text file the „END-OF LOG:“ tag was added again. This tag was gone in one of the latest RUMped versions erroneously. The missing tag cause the contest robot to reject the log or parts of it.
Thanks to Lee, WW2DX

Read the supplied WhatsNew.pdf document for detailed information.
Download here:
73 and best dx de Tom, DL2RUM

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Re: RUMped 1.2.9

Unread post by ik3ocd » Thu 29. May 2008, 14:50

hello tom from flavio, fantastic update, are truly excellent
De glad your work.
hello soon and 73 dl2rum de ik3ocd -.- -. :o