Comments and suggestions after WPX

Contesting and dx-peditioning with the Mac
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Comments and suggestions after WPX

Unread post by k7emi » Mon 26. Mar 2012, 05:23

I just used RUMped for the first time in the WPX contest and it was almost great! The main problem is that the documentation is for an older version so I'm not sure if I'm doing anything right or not.

FIRST was my own big mistake, and a suggestion that you may want a "Are you sure you want to quit" button. Command-W is right next to Command-Q, and if you slip everything including the saved spots disappears. Plus have the window settings saved so my expanded band map doesn't show up on my smaller screen and become useless because I can't get to the drag bar at the top of the window (I finally figured out what "reset window" does, but that only fixes part of the problem.)

Next is to show me what the flow is supposed to be. I typed in a call, hit tab, and it would SOMETIMES show me if it was a dupe or not. I have to keep switching to "tune" on my K2 (high-Q antenna that needs a carrier to tune) and it would switch modes or something and so the call would be right, the mode would need to be switched to SSB, and then I'd go to the trouble of talking to the DX station with my little weak station only to have them tell me "WE WORKED ALREADY YOU CLOWN." Ok, so nobody called me a clown, but that's what I felt like. The dupe wouldn't show up until I re-entered the call.

Finally, polling of the radio could be faster because I didn't want to keep looking down to see what frequency I was on. In N1MMlogger, for example, the frequency on the bandmap updates a lot more quickly so you don't really need to look at the radio.

Thanks for a great program. I can use it as-is, but that's what would make it better for me!