ARRL SWeepstakes

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ARRL SWeepstakes

Unread post by km1g » Mon 4. Apr 2011, 10:24

New to DL2RUM programs [just crossed from jlog, for better contest support (RUMped!)]. I must be missing something. Tried setting up ARRL Sweepstakes using included plugins, tried understanding log editor, but my programming language is English: I teach it ;)

The Sweeps exchange is complex, but I don't see fields for each part in included plugin (serial, check, ARRL section...). I read the manual ("RTFM") no joy, unless I'm missing something.

The other log templates are intuitive, and work well. But Sweeps is a favorite of mine (yes, not until November!). Oh, and did I mention I'm a Macintosh person? I'd rather log by hand than use a Windows machine.

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Re: ARRL SWeepstakes

Unread post by DL2RUM » Mon 4. Apr 2011, 13:23

You are right, RUMped is not designed for these complex control numbers. But the solution is simple, just log all parts (except the call sign again) separated by a space. Make sure the last part is the ARRL section, this is required for the multiplier recognition.
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