RUMped 2.0 Beta 23 with ESM mode

Contesting and dx-peditioning with the Mac
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RUMped 2.0 Beta 23 with ESM mode

Unread post by DL2RUM » Fri 9. Jan 2009, 18:10

As Lee, WW2DX suggested here, I have added the ESM mode. (Enter send messages) For further info about this operating technique and other improvements, see the thread above.
In ContestMaker I added a multi option, to allow implementing the upcoming NAQP contest this weekend. The NAQP contest definition files are within the downloadable file.

Download here:
73 and best dx de Tom, DL2RUM

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Re: RUMped 2.0 Beta 23 with ESM mode

Unread post by N8NOE » Sun 11. Jan 2009, 03:25

Guess I Should have looked here first, But Just got done with NAQP and had some REAL Snow here to move.
I tried logging and this was fine till I exported into Cab file. Seems You fixed my Problem but just sat to look.
Could have saved some time READING this first!..
And as always, THANKS!..
You put a LOT of work in this and it's Appreciated!..
"Laissez les Contest Roulez!"