Help with RumlogNG, Kenwood TS-570D and ANY waterfall app

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Help with RumlogNG, Kenwood TS-570D and ANY waterfall app

Unread post by themusicman » Fri 2. Feb 2018, 14:24

Greetings all!

So, I have a Mac running El Capitan, a Kenwood TS-570D, and a FTDI USB serial cable - and after initially thinking it was going to be a huge task, it turned out to be a breeze to set up I have to say. RumlogNG runs brilliantly with it all, and I have full control of the rig via this superb app! Thanks to the developers and team for providing such a beauty of a product.

What I would love to be able to do next is to have some form of waterfall display running and integrated into the 'system'. Not sure if there's a waterfall plug-in for Rumlog, but I have tried Fldigi and I can't get any response in the waterfall area. I am pretty new to amateur radio so my knowledge is limited :)

Is there a way to run waterfall software with the app that will integrate into my overall system set up? I have seen Youtube video of a mod where the user connects the cable of an SDR device to the IF pins inside the 570, and it appears to work well that way too. Is there a way to have any SDR waterfall display control the Kenwood via RumlogNG?

Any help and advice greatly appreciated, thanks all.


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