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QSO Search Options

Unread post by KE0LCS » Mon 9. Oct 2017, 04:09

Im testing this out to see if i want to switch from MACLoggerDX there are a few things it does not have the mac logger has but over all i like rumlogng better i think. but i like the award reports in mac logger.

I have found i can get about the same thing by using the "Search for QSO's" Tool
but i cant save my expert search

for example i can do a search like this: qsl='X' and state!='' and dxcc='K' group by state

to get a list of all the confirmed WAS report and get the count, but i cant save that. i can only save the basic searches. it would be nice if expert searches could also be saved.

I know there is the history drop down but thats just not as nice as being able to just save it with a name and having to show in the saved custom queries section

of course another option would be to add the group by option to the basic search structor that can be saved

It would also be cool if we could express the fields in the search instead of the default * so that only those columns are shown automatically with the save. Other wise i think i'm liking it. I really like how it links up with wsjt-x. it's really cool to be able to click on a call in wsjt-x and see it update in realtime and show on the map in rumlog.

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