DX Spot Window


This window will be opened when spots arrive, even when they are filtered out. When it is hidden or minimized, use Menu–>Window–>DX Spots. Only spots within the latest two hours are shown, and only the latest one per callsign, band and mode!

The spots are grouped into multiple tables:

All spot tables can be sorted, reordered and the column width is adjustable down to 0. The band tables 160m - 6m share the settings: Adjust one table first for your needs. Close the window, quit RUMlog and restart it. All band tables have the same layout now.

The dx station may have a suffix:

See the popup menus for additional real time filters.
A double click on a spot transfers callsign, frequency, mode and the note (optional) to the logging window, when visible. A double click on the frequency column tunes your trx and sends the data to the logging masks!

The dx callsign can be written in different text colors:

The background of a new one can be painted:

These colors are set by default! You can change it in the Preferences–>DX Alarm–>Set colors

The contest module uses a separate spot window, see the contest section for further information.


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