RSGB IOTA credits

Import IOTA credits

Download the csv file with your QSO records from the RSGB web site. Log in first, before you use the link below.
Please note: You can have an IOTA reference credited, without a paper or LoTW QSL! This is possible using Club Log Matches or IOTA contest logs. RUMlog will take this in consideration for dx-spots and your IOTA table.

QSO data from the RSGB may not be very accurate. Parts of a callsign may be swapped, and the QSO time can differ up to 2 hours. These wrong data can’t be imported automatically

Once you have loaded your csv file, select: Menu–>QSL–>Import IOTA Credits. After selecting the file (button Read file), you see a short summary. Start the import using the button Import. QSOs, which can’t be find in your logbook, will be listed in the window. You should copy the text for a further review.


Import IOTA credits

Edit IOTA credits

When you are editing a single QSO, you have the option IOTA credits granted. Using this checkbox to enter or delete a credit manually.

Working with IOTA credits

All affected QSOs are marked with the enumeration IOTA in the database.
You can use/see the DXCC credits in the following windows;

External Links

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