DX Cluster Settings


Preferences–>DX Cluster

On the right hand side you can configure the access to a cluster. For each entry you can enter a:

User name and password are required only, when the option Auto login is activated and you are a registered user of this dx cluster. When there is no user name entered, the My callsign from the Preferences–>General will be used for the auto login feature.

On the left hand side you can set filter, to let only desired spot through to the spot window. The terminal window shows always all incoming data. The mode recognition is not perfect and compares the given frequency with your settings in Preferences–>QRGs.

In the lower part you can enter commands to the dx cluster, sent immediately after the auto login. Multiple commands must be separated by a \n . Example: “sh/dx/10 \n sh/wwv/3” asks for the 10 latest dx spots and the 3 latest wwv or wcy announcements.

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