DXCC Info Box

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You will find information about your local sunset, sunrise, and the twilight times just above the box. The duration of the twilight can be selected in Preferences–>General. Red text indicates that it is twilight at the moment. “++++” means that the Sun is always above the desired elevation, while “- - - -” means that the Sun is always below the desired elevation.

The box shows information about the QSL status for the DXCC entity per band and per mode:

eQSLs are not considered! There are three modes per band: CW-Data-Phone. The upper-right corner shows the status across all bands. A deleted entity is indicated by a magenta text color.
When the application starts, the box shows the date of the last DXCC database version. When you click into the box, all QSOs with this entity will be shown in the log table.

Below the box you can see a different overview of the DXCC status:

The colors have the following meaning:

The DX-Marathon info uses the green and red color only, since a confirmation is not required.


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