RUMlog2Go for iPad and iPhone

There are two versions available in the App Store:

    *This version is compatible to the OS-X classic RUMlog version log files.

    *This version is compatible to the OS-X new  RUMlogNG version log files.

The iOS version of RUMlogNG has no Dropbox Sync possibiltles any longer. The Sync functions in the classic version are depreciated by Dropbox and will stop working later in 2015!

You can still use Dropbox for log file exchange and ADIF import and export.

* Use the same log file on your Mac computer
* Exchange the logs via iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox
* Import ADIF files just using copy and paste       
* Export ADIF files via email
* Logging includes DXCC, heading and distance calculations
* eQSL and/or LoTW users will be identified during logging
* Can save your current (GPS) position , useful for portable or mobile operation
* Sunset and sunrise calculations
* RUMlog keeps track of your worked and confirmed countries
* Direct log upload to eQSL (iPad only)
* Direct QSL download from eQSL (iPad only)
* Integrated telnet DX cluster, including a spot collector
* DX cluster command macros
* LoTW users are marked in a dx spot
* Real Time Grayline Map, showing short and log path to the station
* and integration
* Basic data exchange with Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu and Elecraft transceivers using the
Pigtail hardware (iPad only)
* Full control panel for Elecraft K3 and KX3 (iPad only)
* Work RTTY, PSK and CW using the Elecraft transceivers built in functions (iPad only)
* DXCC table

Your transceiver is not supported?

If you own a trx not supported yet and you are willing to help, please contact me.

What is missing in the help file?

Feel free to post any comments or questions into the forum.

iTunes File Sharing

You can use your existing RUMlog files from your Mac

To see how it works look here:

Copy your Mac RUMlog files and your dxcc.rsd database to the iPad. After logging you can copy back the log file.

ADIF Import

  1. Send your ADIF text file to your iPad by e-mail or use Notes with iCloud syncing.

  2. Copy the text into the clipboard.

  3. In the Log Settings push the „Paste“ button to insert the text.

  4. Push the „Import“ button.

You can also use the new Dropbox API, see below!

Using the Dropbox

You can create an account here:

  1. In the Log Settings  right upper corner is a "Link to Dropbox" button provided. You will be requested to enter your Dropbox account data.

  2. Now look at the Mac in your Dropbox folder. There must be  a new folder "RUMlog" in an "Apps" folder. Both were created by Dropbox.

  3. Copy desired logfiles into this RUMlog folder. On the iPad Log Settings switch now over to use Dropbox. After a while the files should be become selectable. Syncing the files may take few minutes.

Using the new Dropbox „Drop-ins“ API

Dropbox is offering a new feature: Drop-ins. You can upload and download files now direct from an application to/from your Dropbox.

Only the download is supported yet for iOS! The upload function should be coming soon.

You need to install the Dropbox app on your iOS device:

Now you can copy your RUMlog logbook files to your Dropbox, using your computer and download it direct in the RUMlog app on your iOS device. You don‘t need iTunes file sharing any longer for that. Please note: There are no Sync functions!

Use the „Download from Dropbox“ button to download a logfile.

Hint for classic version: You can use this function also to download your modified „dxcc.rsd“ database.

Using the Dropbox, allows you now to import direct an ADIF file. Copy your ADIF file into the Dropbox and use the „Dropbox“ button on the ADIF Import section. (Log Settings)