Exchanging 746 and 7000 Memory Data Files

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Exchanging 746 and 7000 Memory Data Files

Unread postby philwells » Tue 11. Nov 2008, 03:08


I use RUMTrol746Pro on my iMac core 2 duo w the 746 (obviously). My IC-7000 is new and I'd like to be able to take my 746Pro memory setup and move whatever translates OK to it rather than having to program each memory by hand, The 7000 is in the car and it's a little difficult to remove it to take it inside to connect to the Mac (plus I'd need to buy a power cable conversion plug to use the 746Pro's power supply plus I'm lazy).

The only laptop I have runs XP. I installed RUMTrol7000 v2b6 on it and when I try to import IC746_Settings-RumTrol.plist to it I'm told "Not a RUMTrol7000 plist file". I see on the version list that v1.2 got the ability to read 746Pro data files. Can they be cross platform? Maybe I have a version of RUMTrol746Pro that's too old? Am I doing something wrong? Can send you the PLIST file if useful.

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Re: Exchanging 746 and 7000 Memory Data Files

Unread postby DL2RUM » Tue 11. Nov 2008, 10:15

Hi Phil,

thanks for the plist file. The file you sent me, contains all the settings of the radio. These settings are not interchangeable between the 746PRO and 7000! You have to make the settings by your own. It should be plausible, that you can not import the 500 memory entries from the 7000 into the 100 memories of the 746PRO.

Interchangeable are the memory only files, containing only one bank of the 7000, or all memories from the 746PRO. To export only the memories from the 746PRO you have to use the "Memory" menu. Select "Save Memory as..." and save the file. Then open the 7000 control program and select the desired bank, where to import below the "Memories" tab. Then select from the "Memory" menu "Load bank from..." and navigate to your previously saved file. Write the data to the trx and save it to your disk. It works in the same way vice versa.

The Mac and Windows versions are using the same file format, so there are no problems expected.

I hope this explanation helps you, otherwise feel free to contact me again.
73 and best dx de Tom, DL2RUM
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