Communication error

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Communication error

Unread postby k8swd » Thu 10. May 2012, 15:17

Greetings all. First post for me. I have really been enjoying learning the control program with my IC-7000, but I constantly get a "communication error" every time I transmit. I click OK then all is well until I transmit again. IC-7000 with USB/serial cable about 10' long, and less than 3 month old Apple MacBook Pro 13" with current software. Is it RFI? Do I need some ferrites on the cable? I have some of the clamp on ones I can try. The cable works fine as-is on a 10 year old HP with XP and Ham Radio Deluxe, but I like the Mac and Rumtrol much better as I believe it offers more, especially in setting up memories and other rig settings, plus the Mac will last about 7 hours on a charge vs maybe an hour on the old HP.

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Re: Communication error

Unread postby N8NOE » Sun 10. Jun 2012, 00:52

Sure sounds like RFI to me. Try taking and Tie a knot in the Line from Rig to the Macbook.
See if it helps at all.. I have had some REAL issues here after getting the ACOM2000A in, the PW-1 was fine.
Seems some of the Mac Stuff (to me anyway) is more apt to have RF issues..
If that helps out, get a few Ferite Cores and use them..
Let us know if it works out any better..
Another way to check RF issues is to turn Power WAY down and Try.
Another Thought, Add some Time to the Software to allow a slower/longer amount of Comm Time..

Good Luck, and will look for a Reply..
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