Impressive bit of software

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Impressive bit of software

Unread postby va3nmi » Sun 18. Dec 2011, 19:54


New user, and just tried out the Rumtrol7000RT. I tried the "old" version first, as it is non-"Beta", but it crashed at startup on my Snow Leopard machine.

Then downloaded the 2.1 "Beta" version.

After a bit of fiddling with the serial parameters, in particular *increasing* the poll value, perhaps due to my pl2303 chipset cable, I'm off and running.

BTW: I set my poll time to 92ms - is there a common setting for people that they find works? At lower values (i.e. faster) it seemed to do odd things to the radio.

Finally - full control/view of all those parameters, otherwise only accessible through levels of menus.

Christmas came early to my house. Time for more radio fun!

Happy transmitting all.

Scott VA3NMI
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Re: Impressive bit of software

Unread postby VK3AWF » Wed 15. Aug 2012, 09:50


I totally agree; this software is quite special. Yesterday I took delivery of a cheap ($7) CI-V cable ex e-Bay, downloaded RUMtrol v1.3, and installed a USB/serial driver/bridge. It worked first time. This is pretty unusual for a setup that includes a transceiver, a third party interface chip and a serial driver, all from different sources. Having played with it a while, I was regretting that it did not include a way of bulk loading new repeater data, when I found there is a 2.1 Beta 10 that does! After deleting v1.3 and installing v2.1 B10 it still worked first time.

Now I just have to play with Excel to manipulate the Australian repeater data from the WIA (equivalent to ARRL) into a .csv format we can read into RUMtrol. Your .rtf file explaining the required fields will assist. Being able to move repeater data round between banks is a great help in v2.1B10 too.

Thanks and 73
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Re: Impressive bit of software

Unread postby VK3AWF » Fri 17. Aug 2012, 04:49

I now have most* VK 2m and 70cm repeaters in .csv files - one per State. :D Any VKs can message me on forum for a copy . I had some minor formatting issues with the .csv's which were easily fixed within Excel and Notepad. Also I experienced the previously reported problem that IC7k display did not always show correct TX QSG after uploading data, until TXRX was turned off and on again.

* excludes non-operational, ATV, IRLP/Echolink, Dstar etc. Some NSW sites omitted to fit within one bank. Data sourced from WIA website July 2012.
There are more than 350 repeaters in these files, with names appropriately abbreviated to fit within 9 characters. No warranty implied!
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