IC-7000 CAT Problem

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IC-7000 CAT Problem

Unread postby on6dp » Tue 11. Jan 2011, 10:40

I need your help
I have a IC-7000 and I have a CAT Problem.
I'm trying to install the CAT system for Mixw or HRD. With HRD nothing is running I can't link the TRX with HRD and with Mixw I just can control the IC-7000 in one sense only (PC to TRX) . When I put my mouse on the CAT bar of MIXW and change the frequency, the IC-7000 can adjust the frequ but When I'm turning the knob of the TRX, the CAT bar of mixw don’t follow and the frequ of MIXW is not more the same
With HRD nothing is running.

I’m using a cable USB with USB-Serial driver converter with Prolific Driver
With your Program RUM7Kcontrol I can’t connect the IC7000 and can’t use your software. Why ?????
Can you help me ?
73 de Paul, ON6DP
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Re: IC-7000 CAT Problem

Unread postby DL2RUM » Tue 11. Jan 2011, 13:48

Hello Paul,

I don't know Mixw, I don't know HRD and I don't use Windows. My help may be very limited. I know the IC-7000. ;) When CAT works one way only, check the menu item "CI-V Transceive" in the "Miscellaneous Set Mode" This item must be set to "On" to allow the TRX to send out all mode or frequency changes to the computer.
Another problem could be the "Baud Rate" setting, make sure it is not set to "Auto", use a fixed value, the same you set in your software. (I.e. 19200)
What interface do you use? Just a USB-Serial adapter?
What means "you can't connect the IC7000 to RUMtrol?" Is the COM port seen in the list? Do you get an Error message?
73 and best dx de Tom, DL2RUM
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