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Re: RUMtrol7000-RT 2.1 Beta 10

Unread postby KC2TLH » Wed 4. Feb 2009, 14:03

DL2RUM wrote:Well, when selecting "Read all from radio", the current selected bank in RUMtrol will be downloaded. This is due to the internal architecture and limitations in the Icom's CAT protocol.
When you have set the poll time to 118ms, ca. 9 commands per second will be sent to the radio. When you read all, ca. 400 commandos has to be sent, which takes 45 seconds.

Oh ok. That includes "read all from transceiver" I would guess. I still have to tinker with the poll timings. But it does feel that the real time control is a tad slower responding than the previous beta. Again it might be something on my part. I have to get more time to work with your program more.
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Re: RUMtrol7000-RT 2.1 Beta 10

Unread postby vk5kfm » Sun 6. Jun 2010, 03:24

Hi Tom,
I have beed trying to setup 2.1 beta 10 and still having the same problems as previous versions, that is
I get error "-1 memory out of bounds" if I try a download everything from the IC7k
the bank A gets the first 7 frequencies then misses one throws the error gets one more throws another error and then seems to stop responding.
when trying individual downloads any download of bank memories does the same thing , filter width seems to work ok.
agc seems to work no error but pgm stops responding after the download completes, vfo registers work for first 10 then pgm locks up, CW-RTTY and Audio both seem to work but program again is unresponsive on download completion. Setup display, setup1 & 2 function correctly

I use an Icom ci-v ( for the IC-T90a) with a short conversion lead for the mini stereo as the tip & ring connections are different between the 2 radios, it works with HRD and PC-ALE fine
PC is a AMD Thunderbird 1GHZ cpu with 1 gig of ram running win2k sp4 with full rollup updates.
rumtrol is the only software running at the time.
any suggestions or further info needed let me know
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Re: RUMtrol7000-RT 2.1 Beta 10

Unread postby DL2RUM » Sun 6. Jun 2010, 17:53

Try to slow down poll rate. In the preferences move the slider full to the right. Do not use the "Auto" baud rate setting in the IC-7000, use a fixed value.
73 and best dx de Tom, DL2RUM
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Re: RUMtrol7000-RT 2.1 Beta 10

Unread postby vk5kfm » Mon 7. Jun 2010, 06:13

Hi Tom,
As PC-ALE requires the IC7K to be in 19200 baud, rather than Auto, that is the way I have it set, Polling is also as slow as it can go still get the same results.
anything else,

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