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RAC Contests in RumPed

Unread postby VA3PCJ » Tue 30. Jun 2015, 18:40

Hi Thomas,

Today begins the RAC Canada Day contest. I tried to use ContestMaker (a marvelous tool!) to develp a Plugin for RumPed, and I may have almost succeeded (see attached). Only one glitch though: RAC wishes to assign 20 points to contacts with their own special stations (identified by the "RAC" suffix). If within “Points Exceptions” in ContestMaker one could have the possibility of entering a list of special callsigns, or at least a string (i.e., “RAC” in the case of the RAC contests) to be identified within callsigns, perhaps one could assign the 20 points that RAC wishes to assign to QSOs with its special stations.

And since you are at it, RAC contests also allow for contacts in the 2-meter band.

Much apprecated es 73!

RAC Canada Day.plist
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