Fldigi - RUMLogNG AppleScript modification

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Fldigi - RUMLogNG AppleScript modification

Unread postby K3DCW » Sun 11. Oct 2015, 16:25

For anyone who operates with Fldigi, you likely know there's an AppleScript that allows for logging from Fldigi direct to RUMlogNG. Instructions are available in the RUMlogNG online (http://dl2rum.de/RUMlogNG/docs/en/pages/FAQ.html) with further help at NF4L's site (http://nf4l.com/ngconfig/).

One thing not covered in this initial script is setting the power level in RUMlog. Working with Tom, he helped me identify a couple ways to do this.

The first and easiest (if you always use the same power level) is to simply place a value in the script in the "tell application "RUMlogNG" section. Simply add the following line:

set power to "100"

You can set the power to whatever your normal power level is. You can also use text, such as "high power", "mid power", "QRP", etc.

However, sometimes you'll need to adjust power levels on the fly depending upon the mode/station being worked/propagation conditions; oftentimes with different power levels between different QSOs. There is a way to set and save this value using AppleScript as well.

You'll need to add the follow text in the AppleScript BEFORE the "tell application "RUMlogNG"" section:

display dialog "Enter power level" default answer ""
set opPower to text returned of result

Then, in the "tell application "RUMlogNG"" section, you'll need to enter the following text:

set power to opPower

This will cause a dialog to pop up with each QSO you save, asking you for the current power. You can type anything; "100", "500", "5", "QRPP", "Low-Power" etc and that variable value will be saved in the RUMlogNG database as your power level.

I hope this is of use to someone.

73 de Dave


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Re: Fldigi - RUMLogNG AppleScript modification

Unread postby EA3HOE » Sat 24. Dec 2016, 12:50

I think there is a need for a GOOD explanation on how to set up integration between RUMlogNG and Fldigi. I, at least, are still having trouble setting this up.

I have CAT working in RUMlogNG and RUMlogNG is supposed to send its info to Fldigi. But what do i set up in Fldigi to make it receive this info?
In RUMlogNG i have set Fldigi to be at, but where do i set this in Fldigi?

XML-RPC, for me the most obvious one, doesn't work.
When i set it in flrig and press Reconnect, fldigi crashes.
RigCAT and HAMlib all use the physical interface, so that's a no-go as well.
Hardware PTT and GPIO are out of scope here.

So if anyone has this working i would really like to see some screenshots how fldigi and RUMlogNG are configured.

Do i sound frustrated? Maybe that's because i am.....

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Re: Fldigi - RUMLogNG AppleScript modification

Unread postby DL2RUM » Sat 24. Dec 2016, 13:08

Fldigi uses the port 7362 for xml-rpc!
Activate xml-rpc under the XML-RPC tab in the RIG configuration section.
Do not configure RigCAT, HAMlib, flrig or anything else in Fldigi.

There are to many options and different settings available. You should post your settings to find out more failures.
73 and best dx de Tom, DL2RUM
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Re: Fldigi - RUMLogNG AppleScript modification

Unread postby EA3HOE » Sat 24. Dec 2016, 15:43

DL2RUM wrote:Fldigi uses the port 7362 for xml-rpc!

That was it!!


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